Friday, 18 February 2011

The disaster experience as it happens...

One night my friend Karen invited me to a party for her daughter's birthday. When I left home we were already having heavy rain.  My other friends and I, we always have fun there with Karen when we visit and this was a good night. After the birthday celebration I went home.

When I arrive there I was scared when I saw how much flooding there was!  I was instantly worried about my children in the house, so I ran through the high water to get to them. Thank God my kids were safe.  They were waiting for me. The heavy wind made me more nervous, so I held my 2 kids tight.  I saw the leaves of the trees, coconut bows and the roof of my kitchen damaged. Not only mine but there is damaged to my neighbor's too.

My friend said that she will take me a pictures of floods so that I can ask help to my b/f  to repair the damage of my roof... and (thank you) he did.

This flooding does not only happen once but  many times here at our place. Last time the water was very high and we couldn't sleep because the water was right there inside our sleeping room. We were hanging up our things to keep them out of the water.

This floods are not like before, but are more dangerous. Very dangerous.  Much more than the floods years ago. Sometimes I am frightened and tremble.  At the height of the storm I thought it was the end of the world...

Here are some pictures of flooding in our district

There are articles about the flooding on the internet - one here about schools. But, I am surprise how little. They think is common problem and not news maybe.

More about people who needed to be rescued.  Somehow none of these stories capture the fear in the flood, with the water rising and children with you.

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