Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A Day at the Movies!!

In the SM Gaisano City Mall there is a cinema. 

We went first for some shopping, a snack at Inasal and than a movie!  What a treat!  Movie is Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, on Stranger Tides.

While were in the ticket booth they are handed us 3-D glasses, so when we entering the theater previews were underway and we found a seat in the dark. I saw my b/f wearing his 3-D glasses and I didn't know that glasses use to watch movies!  I thought it is a souvenir - simply glasses - then my b/f ask me where's are mine?  I told him it's in the bag,  he told me to get and wear it.

I did, at first I didn't know what is the difference.  It was about 3 minutes after I started to wear them that realized ....OHHH!! MY GOD!!!

It is really wonderful. It seems so real. It seems that I was in the action!  I feel that in the climax and fighting scenes it was breath taking!  My mouth almost hung open!  I don't know if my b/f saw me or what my reactions were. Wearing a 3-D glasses, when Johnny Depp pointed his sword at his enemy I could almost feel the tip of it on my nose already!  M heart beat fast - I thought he already hit me!

So it is really a movie worth paying premium for the 3-D version. We went home and I was still very amazed. Movie was funny and the experience was incredible. The tittle of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean"on stranger tides..

We pick up school supplies for my girls, even new shoes.  But, I remember the movie!

Thanks for read my blog!  BB
Silly looking!! BUT Amazing!