Friday, 15 April 2011

Unforgetable... but parents forget.

One morning on June 28, 1982 it is my very wonderful day but it is wonderful for me only because no one else cares.

Its my Birthday. My parents were fighting because my papa got home at four a.m. from the bar. In the morning I am cooking rice and my mama went early to the village well to wash our clothes. That is why my brother, one year old, the youngest of us, cried when he can not see my mama close. I know that when my mama hears her crying boy she will shout at me, and say that I must take care my brother so that she can finish her washing.

While my mama is washing clothes I am sitting on the wood porch in front of her with my brother on my lap. I have finished cooking rice but we just can not eat yet because my mama has to finish the washing first.

When she's done, that is the time we can eat our breakfast. After eating I wash the dishes and go to my friend, ask her to go to church to light a candle. That is our tradition as Catholics.

When my mama cannot see me around, she shout and she want me to go home and spank and pinch me. Mama is so cruel to me, she said to me that I must be home every morning, I am not allowed to step outside or even go to church for a little prayer with my play mate. As Mom told me that I begged her please but she said no. She made me weep.

Afternoon 3 pm - almost all day wanting and waiting, the sun has almost set for my birthday, my friend Juditha and I go to church. I borrow 1 Peso money from her, so that i can buy candle, so Juditha, my best friend she pitied me for the cruelty of my mother and maybe for my the cruelty of my life, she handed me that one peso.

She said, "it is yours - don't pay me back that is only a little present for your very Special day", She greeted me and we hugged each other,  I didn't know why but that time my tears were falling down. When were in church I gave thanks that even the hardship I encounter everyday I am still have good health. Even my parents forget my birthday, it is ok for me. The important thing is that I am in good health.

When I get home from the church all is the same as usual.  I do my work at home and when the night comes no one remembers that it has been my Birthday. No one remembers the day I first see life and sun, that the day marks my 12 years of existing, of heartaches, and pains and being an older sister.

I don't have birthday party.

So now, years later, that is why when my kids have a birthday party even I don't have enough money I let them realize and know that I am their mom trying to make a living and trying to make their birthdays soo happy and special. As long as I can, I at least give them Hugs and kisses.

That is my unforgettable day. Since when I was young I have never had the experiencing of having a party on my birthday. At my age now I am happy and thanking GOD so much that I have experienced how to loved and am loved by the people around me. Thank you very much.

All I can give to my kids is my strongest affection and love. That's all, but they know I give it freely and remember what is special to them.


  1. Wow, what a sad-sad childhood’s story. It makes me eager to listen to the melody and the English translated version of a sensational Tagalog song called ‘Anak’.
    As always, wish you and your kids are happy always…May God blesses you all.

  2. Dear Babaeng

    First and foremost don’t call me ‘Sir’. It too formal for me. For a while, just imagine that I’m just a simple friendly filipino blogger who are staying in some place somewhere in a far-far away barangay. Or shall I say, just like you…in a province.

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    To begin with, You could start linking your blog with your local bloggers. I bet, you can find millions of them through Internets. But then again that is if you dare and have the time to surf around.

    Lastly, thanks for the interest and sorry for wasting your time. May God bless you and your Kids.