Wednesday, 6 April 2011


One night after we chat my b/f send me an email address of a store in Cagayan de Oro to find something sexy. So, the next day I went to the city to find the address but... I couldn't find it.  So, we went to the mall to buy some dress for my girls. A nice formal for Llana, and a costume for Pammi in dance class, and another little outfit. I realize Llana is a very pretty young woman and help her choose dress that is good for her look but conservative.

They both received awards at school and had presentations. Llana is second academic grade in her year. Pammi is also in top of class and is honors student. My b/f also gave me some money to buy gifts for my kids for school awards, so I think is ok with him.  Maybe he is disappointed I not find sexy thing he wanted. He is good hearted but from distance is hard to keep interest and satisfy like I want to.  Have Pammi and Llana with me in city so maybe not best trip to find that store.

Sadly, the ceremonies are both on the same day. Make for hard day. I got confused about who is first and went to the wrong school. I found my youngest, left her, went to see other daughter in high school, and came back to first school but the ceremony was over.  Her principal had given her honors ribbon. I was disappoint to miss it.  Now school is over for a few months.  No expenses until first week of May when enrollment and classes open.

Then I have to pay entrance and for notebooks, papers, ball point pens, bags, shoes, socks. More.

I hope my boyfriend helps. My salary at the factory is not enough for these needs. I hope he understands.


Dance class performs... new outfit!

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