Saturday, 5 March 2011

With all my heart...

When my husband left me I fell into deep depression and at first I decided that I don't want to let my kids go to school. In other words, I want them to stop their studies. But, I thought it over many times and I really know and feel deeply that I should not ruin my kids' futures because of my misfortune. So even as a single mom I strive to encourage them to pursue their studies. Bless my sister, she bought them notebooks. They had gone to school without any bags, which when I thought about it I cried and it hurt me as a mother to see my kids going to school without a good dress and no slippers or shoes.

All mothers were children once and know how children can be cruel. My big concern is their school fees and their school uniforms - and the others. I fear that the other children will criticize them. The other children know that my kids' mother washed neighbor's clothes to earn money for their needs. But, even that is not enough, because I could only wash two times a week, so I also got work at the fruit canning company. Still my salary is not enough for our daily needs.

Really, that's why I decided to join my internet café friends. Karen and Carol and I go to the café everyday before I go to work. Maybe you read in my story about "Café Betrayal" that I met a guy who pitied me and helped me for my kids needs he sent me $25 a week, until one of my café friends found out and snatched him away. This was heartbreaking for me. He was nice to me, but it was my children's school and lunch and uniforms that she took. Not just internet chat boyfriend. That is why it hurt me so.

For months I didn't know who going to help me with my kids studies. I fell behind. But now I am lucky - have new b/f who has helped, but he wants me to tell stories so people can understand my life here in Misamis Oriental, for people who do not have land or money.

This is the story of my life on the way back. I hope I can continue, not for me really but mostly for my kids' future. Somehow new b/f and blog makes my world more colorful.  A little help with school fees and other necessities of life is what I need. People think internet café life is for fun and flirting and for camera play and playful tease. But for me is not.

My girls study hard at school. They know the cost to me. "A" students. I send report card to my new b/f, and I am proud. So is he. I am thankful for help, with all my heart.


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