Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The daughters I love...

Every morning I do the same work at home, make breakfast and look after and take care of my kids. Breakfast is rice, fried eggs, milk, hotdogs.  When they go to school, I maybe chat with boyfriend for a while, then I go to work at the pineapple canning factory.

Llana and Pammi - they are good students in school and at home they are always well behaved for me. I love my kids very much. They are my life. That is why I work hard for them. When they come home from school they do their projects and home work assignment before they going to sleep. School is serious here and all parents hope is way to better life for children.

Llana likes desert foods. My girl has a sweet tooth like her mother did! She likes to dress. I forget she is teenage girl now. Nice blouses, skinny jeans, sandals with heels. She is popular and has many friends at school and at home in our neighborhood. Most of her attention is on her studies. At school her favorite subject is English but she does well in all her subjects and does school activities after classes. Taekwondo and badminton, and is a dancer too. She is always winning in dance contest in her school. Music? She likes love songs and of course, worship songs from our church.

Little sister Pammi is always trying to keep up! She likes spaghetti salads but we can only in this kind of foods when have occasions here like birthdays. In school, her favorite subject is also English. She likes sexy clothes because she likes to be in pageants. She always goes. She won the 3rd runner up award last time she entered! Like her sister, Pammi is popular and has many friends at school and home. I am concerned, she needs more attention to her studies. I try to keep her concentrating and focused. She likes dancing too and she is in drum and bugle band. She would like to have a bicycle, but she doesn't know how to drive. Sometimes she's a performer. Singing, but no microphone, only a stick of softbroom. She like lovesongs and worship songs from our church. My boyfriend says Filipina like love songs too much. But is easy to get nice feeling from song. Maybe nice feeling in life comes along too. I hope for my girls.

They both have a good gradings on their report cards and have received awards in every grading periods. They are very involved in the school activities. I worry that their teacher may send me a notice for their tuition payments and school fees. I am afraid of interrupting their education by not enough money to pay.

Catholicism is important here in Philippines and I want my girls understand role of God and church in life. We pray to give thanks before we eat and after eating.  Then we pray before we leave our home. We pray before sleep and on waking.  Llana has not yet confirmation only recollection last March 15, 2010 and Pammi is only 9, but has first communion last February 2010. Both to go catechism and catholic class.

I am glad I meet my new b/f and he is willing to help. He sends enough for school, and so my kids can eat nutritious foods. I pay fees, buy milk and vitamins with his money. This little security has brought me comfortable now in life. The blessings we have now is enough for me and I am happy when I see my kids happy and healthy.

This is a big thing for me.

I love my daughters. Llana will read and giggle to hear about herself, but she knows this true and is from my heart.

I am proud of both my girls.


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